Dscoop Announces Unique Format for 2014 Annual EMEA Event

Based on input from Dscoop the annual event in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is migrating from November to June. The end of the calendar year is a busy time for the print industry; the transition to the June timeframe will allow for larger participation among Print Service Providers. Moving forward, the event will continue to be held earlier in the year.

In addition to changing the date, Dscoop has also elected to offer a new and unique format for the June 2014 EMEA event, Dscoop Grandmasters Summit. This is a three day education focused event, exclusively developed for business owners and senior managers. The Summit, held 25 – 27 June in Budapest, Hungary, will feature deep-dive workshops, technology updates and large group sessions designed to foster engagement and knowledge sharing among attendees. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to network and develop business growth opportunities.

The workshops at Dscoop Grandmasters Summit focus on real-world business and industry challenges Dscoop members face on a daily basis. The workshops, developed by Dscoop University thought leaders, will include:

  • Strategies for Growth Focused Organisations, Graeme Harper, Imparta
  • Realise Your Potential - Developing a High Performance Environment, Steven Bussey, Imparta
  • Service Design – Moving from Products to Services, Marc Fonteijn, 31Volts
  • Leadership to Change Behavior, Jan Heijneman, UNC Delta
  • Talk the Talk – Holding Meaningful Conversations with Marketers, Sima Dahl, Sway Factory

In addition to the workshops, attendees will have the opportunity to visit and tour local PSPs in Hungary, attend sessions on HP technologies and the Tell Your Story Sales Program, and participate in events that showcase the strong sense of community Dscoop is known for.

Registration for Dscoop Grandmasters Summit is open, but seats are limited for this unique event. For more information on the event or to reserve your admission, please visit Dscoop.org/DGS2014

"After seeing the success of the Dscoop University pre-conference sessions at Dscoop9, we knew there was a great opportunity to bring that type of education to our EMEA Dscoop members. An extensive amount of time has been put to developing the workshop content to ensure it is not only relevant, but that it also facilitates a forum for open dialogue on business strategy." John Tenwinkel, Dscoop University Director
"Grandmasters Summit is unlike anything Dscoop has done before. Our members are faced with new business challenges in this evolving marketplace and we need to be able to provide them with an event that fosters collaboration and networking, paired with the opportunity to refine and develop some of the most important business strategy skills necessary for organisational growth." Peter Van Teeseling, Dscoop EMEA Director
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