Dscoop Announces New Global Leadership

Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) announced today that it has selected Mike Fogarty as its new Global Executive Director and John Tenwinkel as the Director of Dscoop University.

Fogarty comes to Dscoop as a seasoned marketing and business development visionary with 15+ years’ experience combining big picture vision and global marketing know-how. Fogarty’s international experience includes expanding his Chicago-based company to Switzerland, establishing a Swiss GmbH to serve his EMEA clients. Adept at defining and clarifying brand visions and aligning brand strategies across online, television and print media, Fogarty has an impeccable track record for crafting marketing communications for diverse customers and powerhouse brands earning 19 awards.

Fogarty will oversee the day-to-day management of Dscoop, including oversight of the organization’s strategy, financials, operations, marketing and strategic initiatives around the globe. 

Tenwinkel has had a career defined with milestones of rapid growth and increased responsibility, mainly driven by his passion for the graphic communications industry. As Vice President, Digital & Distribution Services at a global, top 50 Printing Impressions printing company, Tenwinkel was responsible for the digital output, mailing and fulfillment businesses. His keen ability to bridge the gap between sales, operations, and technology helped develop strategies that increased revenue across these businesses. He appeared in Printing Impressions in 2009 as one of the "Top 20 Under 40," and received NYU's PRISM Alumni Award in 2010. Tenwinkel previously held management positions in prepress and digital print operations in New York City.

Tenwinkel will be responsible for the implementation and growth of Dscoop University as its new Director.

"I am thrilled to join the Dscoop team and serve the membership community as Global Executive Director. I am certain my passion, international experience and first-hand industry knowledge is a great fit to continue Dscoop’s expansion and ensure this cooperative’s status as a great, enduring organization." Mike Fogarty, Dscoop Global Executive Director
"The global board is sure that these new leaders will continue to move the Dscoop vision of providing year-round education, benefits and tools to improve our members’ business growth, efficiency and profitability to new levels. I am very excited about the growth our organization will see as a result of these impressive new leaders." Chris Petro, Dscoop Global Chairman
About Dscoop Global

Founded in 2005, the Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop) is a worldwide community of visionaries from leading graphic arts companies and industry partners who collaborate by sharing ideas and information that drive industry-leading innovation and individual business growth through the use of HP digital print technologies including HP Indigo, Scitex, High-end Latex and Inkjet Web Press. To learn more about Dscoop, visit www.dscoop.org. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.